In It For A Minute (e-book)


IN IT FOR A MINUTE – In this era vast amounts of information are literally at our fingertips. As a whole people have become accustomed to instant gratification. We live in what I call a “microwave society.”

“In It For A Minute” presents personal development strategies that only take one minute to read. The lessons are universal and spiritual principles using everyday terminology and phrases that are familiar in popular culture.

You may have heard the old cliché, “you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink.” That may be true; however if you can create a thirst while leading the horse to the water it would be inspired to drink once it gets there. The self discovery questions at the end of each lesson creates a thirst for personal growth and development.

This invaluable resource is a guide to a holistic approach to personal development because it is an “inside job.” Motivation is external so it wears off quickly. These lessons are inspirational which means the transformation occurs on the inside. Growth and development “oozes out,” which means it gets on everything it touches. Transform your personal life, your family, your career and any other facet of life with this powerful tool. You can experience this transformation in as little as one minute a day!

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